Feminine, delicate, fabulous, glamourous, stylish and exquisite. Here at L.K. Rosa we are proud to offer you a selection of beautiful pieces to wear yourself, buy for your friends and even decorate the walls of your home.

Please enjoy browsing around our online store and if there is anything we can assisit with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter for member discounts, promotions and weekly updates from our blog, please register using the button on the right.

L. K. Rosa is a brand that was founded in 2012. The business was set up to enable us to share our love of high quality, fashionable items.

Everybody loves a little bit of shopping and we all enjoy buying products that look good, feel good as well as lasting well so that they can be worn and enjoyed time and again. It is with this ethos that L. K. Rosa was born.

We are initially launching the brand online, focussing initially on jewellery and artwork. During 2013 we plan to roll out the brand to stockists so that you can find us in store, as well as online, and we will begin to incorporate clothing (that we are certain you will love!) later in the year as well.

We hope to encourage and inspire more people to buy British products, whether it is the jewellery you wear, the clothes that you don or even the milk for your tea:

Even if you change just one habit and ‘Bring it Back to Britain’, we will be happy.

Love LKR.


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