Woodland Belle


Bluebells in the woods… perfect inspiration.

Wear the L. K. Rosa Belle bracelet for instant springtime glamour.

The bracelet features a rare brown Wedgwood bead amidst sparking Swarovski.


Our Christmas present to the Office…


Until today the L. K. Rosa office had been freezing. I’m not a thermometer, but I know cold when I feel it – and that office was really jolly cold. So much so, in fact, that I waved a farewell to my office 2 weeks ago and have been working in my living room ‘office’ instead. This turned out to be not very conducive to working because a) the house is like a one stop shop for business / marketing teams’ training sessions, so people are in and out all the time (my other half is being held accountable for that); b) the armchair is ever so slightly comfortable, which in turn makes me feel like evening has arrived and; c) everything I needed was in the office!

I did forage through the most important items in the office and promote them to this new prime position in the living room, but this meant that we were now unable to eat at the dining table – and, let’s face it – nothing had a ‘space to live’ so everything looked horribly disorganised and shambolic.

I’m pleased to say that with every order that came in over the past fortnight I have put on my winter coat – and sometimes even ear-muffs – and braved that cold officey space, collected, wrapped, labelled and then posted the jewellery – feeling slightly like a Lapland Elf, albeit less colourful.

And then, today, the best thing happened! The monstrously, horribly, rubbish old window was taken out and replaced with a brand sparkly new one. It’s massively efficient – within an hour of the replacement I could already feel the warmth begin to creep in. Oh yes, back in the office in time for Christmas. It is bliss. And it is very work friendly, super organised. AND IT IS WARM! I certainly feel as if the energy efficiency has greatly improved. And without too much of a name drop: If you would like new windows (or any other home improvements) within the U.K. please call Grant Cubley on 07707648249. I would wholeheartedly recommend him (and the thoughtful fitting team who courteously kept everything clean!)