Welcome to a new home!

Hey everybody,

Just a really quick note to thank you all for coming back time and again to lkrosa.com – it’s been a fabulous journey so far and I do want it to continue.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of marketing, advertising and updating on the media feeds throughout 2014 which may have made you curious about the future of LKR. This has been because other projects have been taking up my time, and there’s only so much one woman can do! L. K. Rosa seems to have been looking after itself – and that’s mainly thanks to your continued custom. To that effect, I have decided that instead of the familiar white backdrop that you have grown so accustomed to, I am reinventing the L. K. Rosa home right here. (Thanks too for your feedback on the ‘old’ website! I’m delighted you liked the look of it and found it so easy to navigate. I hope to recreate something just as wonderful here too!)

Give me a little time to get this new boutique up and running, I have been a bit abrupt with the move, but I had to be in order to give myself the urgency required to build something good, without procrastination.

All the products that you know and love are still available in the interim, so if you need anything, simply email me at hello@lkrosa.com and I’ll assist you with payment pathways and the speedy delivery you’re used to! You can find images and items on the Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I hope you will grow to love what is soon to be a comfortable, happy new home for the L. K. Rosa Jewellery & Artwork Boutique.

Love LKR

L. K. Rosa Logo


“It’s All White”

Summer is upon us and white is the colour of the season. 

Don’t forget your white accessories to complete those outfits.

White Jewellery

Wonderful White

Love LKR x

Making it British….

Make it British are devoted to products Made in Britain. They proudly showcase hundreds of designers, manufacturers and suppliers who’s items are made locally.

At L. K. Rosa, we love supporting British business – it’s not just a catchphrase, it is an endeavour.

On a personal level we shop locally, we buy from small stores and support the local community wherever we can. There’s nothing more depressing than watching our towns and villages lose their charm, be taken over by coorporations or even worse – get boarded up. We will be living in an unsocial cyber jungle from our desks before we know it and our high streets will be ghostly. Granted, your local grocer might have bought their carrots from Israel, but often there is a choice. I know we have a choice – there is also a selection of carrots that are from a local farm.

Supporting British business isn’t just a trend. It is something we should all do for the sake of ourselves. Putting money back into our country means we all have more wealth – if you pay a British person for a product they made, they will then have that money to spend on another British person – and so on. This means that businesses will grow, we will be sharing a wealth within a nation and employment will rise. If business is booming, you can’t do it on your own any more so you need someone else to help you.

We are so delighted to now be a part of the Make it British Community.

Belle Bracelet

Belle Bracelet