L. K. Rosa – time to blog…



After spending my first few weeks of summer wistfully making jewellery, staring out at the sparingly few days of glorious sunshine, I had some sort of epiphany and realised that I had bigger fish to fry. I couldn’t keep having so much fun playing with silver and stones like a child with fluff and glitter in art class –  I had to get TECHY. And not a half-hearted attempt at being savvy – I really had to get tech-smart for the sake of a successful business!

Now, this is a sudden desire to be tech-smart for a gal who is quite content leaving her phone at home to enjoy an afternoon of uninterrupted shopping; who puts her phone on silent whilst eating lunch with the ducks in the park; or simply ignores the bothersome beeps whilst deeply engrossed in a literary masterpiece and sipping on soy cappuccino. This new desire to actually use a computer for more than emails and word processing was going to involve some kind of miracle 360!

From owning a phone that I mainly dismissed as irritating (it actually didn’t function very intelligently, which I maintain as a good excuse for my ignorance) I bought myself a new smartphone – I then got engrossed with ensuring I knew how to use it properly (this one is intelligent and basic – and I love it) and I actually communicate with people – efficiently!

I’ve started taking photos, I’ve started using photoshop and I have built an e-commerce website to sell my wares.

I built another website from scratch (just to prove to myself that I am in fact capable of at least basic web design skills) and I’m finally getting acquainted with social media. Yes, finally.

Well, I think I am slowly but surely catching up what with Twitter, Google + and a Facebook Page (I’m still getting to grips with Pintrest!) – and here you have it…. my latest installment of being an (almost) fully fledged user of marketing tools in order to promote both myself and my business.

If you think I’ve missed anything on my tech-tour (and I am bound to have missed more than a few things!) I’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions of what to discover next.

In the meantime, feel free to check out http://www.lkrosa.com to see where this new ‘tech-knowledgy’ has led me thus far.

Love LKR